Most great stories start with a simple idea...

Story about DTD is no different. All started as a passion for sea and fishing. There was a strong belief we can use our own knowledge, quality materials and a lot of work to create quality fishing tackle that will function and what is most important, be effective. Everything started with fish spears and "PELJEŠKE OSTI" is first of many products that will be made. Why fish spears? It's quite simple, squid fishing and spear fishing were our two favorite fishing techniques.
We have kept one piece of that original first product as a reminder and that fish spears are probably the main reason our company is here today. Using knowledge from University of mechanical engineering and own experience from fishing we made really superb product. Idea about company started after we made few pieces for friends and relatives who were fishing the same way as we do. Their reactions were so good and that quality spread around our region.
That was also a moment we realized only with quality product and quality solution you can make a quality business. That remained our main moto.

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