Multi-functional head lamp with a big light capacity. Switch to Red-LED or UV-LED for a 14-fold extension of your battery life. Both colours are softer and calmer in terms of light for your environment. Whereas the UV-function provides the ability to see if there is UV material incorporated in a product, and to load this. The adjustable head band offers maximum comfort. You can tilt the head of the lamp to redirect the light.


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• 3W CREE LED (Made in USA)
• Output 150 lumen
• Battery Life: Low mode – 8 hours
High mode – 4 hours
Red-LED – 100 hours (red light)
UV-LED – 100 hours (UV light)
• Size: 59x39x44mm
• Runs on 3 AAA batteries
• Soft elastic adjustable head band
• Includes 3 AAA batteries