PRO 100


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Width Shaft Type Shaft Width Shaft Diameter Trigger Type Rubber Diameter Rubber Width
90cm Notched 130cm 6,5mm D’Angello I 19mm 27cm

The Pathos Pro Spear gun is designed for new and experienced spearos

who are looking for a lightweight and powerful tool. Is Compact, minimalist and hydrodynamic. A gun that shoots straight and is extremely manoeuvrable.

It comes with 6.5mm Sandvik notched shaft with a single barb and a tri-cut point.

Close muzzle for screw-on bands with position for a second band.

The design is completely rounded to allow for fast repositioning of the shaft after firing, without it having to go in longitudinally with respect to the barrel.

The visibility offered by this muzzle is excellent and aiming is precise, fast and intuitive. Stainless steel fairlead for the reel rope is placed underneath of the muzzle

The Handle D’Angelo I, low profile with reverse trigger mechanism that adds

extra 7cm of arming length and also is reliable and compatible with all types of shafts, tolerant of different heights, finishing’s and machining.

The ergonomic design gives the feeling that the spear gun is an extension of your hand.

19.0mm black over amber bands with plastic threads gives to spear gun extremely power. Articulate wishbone, short. This is considered to be the best, safest and easiest hook wishbone due to its angular design and profile of the plate.

Fully anodized aluminium barrel 1.25±0.05mm thickness, with Integrated low-friction guide and sharkskin surface for reduction of turbulent vortices.

Reel base so any one of the four Pathos reels can be installed.