Πτερύγιο κολύμβησης Ιταλικής κατασκευής. Ιδανικό για χρήση στη θάλασσα αλλά και στην πισίνα ως b-fin στην τεχνική κολύμβηση(εγκεκριμένο από την CMAS)

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All of Cressi’s fifty-year experience has gone into these fins, which are a modern revival of the successful principles of the rubber Rondine fins. As with other Cressi Fins, the Rondinella non-vented fin blade is positioned on top of the full-foot pocket for perfect blade alignment with your leg. The Rondinella utilizes a unique blade made of a very durable and lightweight, yet resilient polypropylene material that optimizes performance and blade stability.
During molding a soft, flexible thermo-rubber (elastomer), foot pocket is coalesced with the blade to form-as-one with the blade. This same thermo-plastic is used for the fin frames and for some blade inserts. This material extends from the foot pocket through the blade, along the sides and fin tips. This mix makes the Rondinella fins, light and powerful: they are easy-to-use, not-too-demanding, and perform-generously at the same time. The Rondinella fins are perfect for snorkeling, free diving, and long swims.
The computer-designed foot is enveloping and anatomical, making it easy to put them on and perfect for extended use.

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  • Non-vented blade positioned on top of the full foot pocket
  • Light powerful polypropylene blade
  • Foot pocket is coalesced with the blade to form-as-one with the blade
  • Soft and flexible thermo-rubber foot-pocket
  • Durable and lightweight, yet resilient
  • Optimizes performance and blade stability
  • Ideal for: recreational use, snorkeling, free diving, long-distance swimming

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